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This new work is a commentary on New York and “America” and it expands my investigation between the reality and the distorted perception of reality. Through the use of hyper colorful, shining and large overwhelming abstract forms I comment on the distorted reality that the “American Dream” represents.

Starting from a white empty surface calling for colorful abstract fluid compositions I take the concept of reality and distorted reality one step further by removing all depictive elements and using only the visual power and intoxicating effect of color. The colors’ overflowing out of the canvas creates its own composition laws and encourages a fluidity of vision and thought in the viewers. By using highly glossy materials I intend to offer to the viewers their own reflection, or indeed own reality, and make them part of it.

These paintings, with their fluid aesthetic and strong chromatic intensity, are to be felt, walked in front of, stared at, and dwelt with. They intend to initially overwhelm the viewers and then draw them closer with their unpredictable optical effects, driving the eyes into a sense of false reality, as New York and the “American Dream” do.